Just Web Token

The form below allows verifying JWS-based tokens.

The following signature schemes are supported:

Signature schemeJWA specifier(s)
HMACHS256, HS384, HS512
RSARS256, RS384, RS512, PS256, PS384, PS512
Ed25519 elliptic curveEdDSA
secp256k1 elliptic curveES256K (non-standard)

Verification uses pure-Rust jwt-compact library with similarly pure-Rust crypto backends and a pure-Rust Yew-powered front-end, all neatly packaged into a WASM module. As such, no calls are made to the server, and the website, once loaded, works offline. See About for more details.



Parameters that influence token verification. The parameters are stored in the local browser storage, that is, not shared with the server. (There is no server.)

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